Alecos Colombo

Alecos Columbo

Alecos Colombo

Strategy /Operations Advisor


Experienced sell management with a startups, big, small companies. Resilience, problem solving, focusing on goals and cross attitudes are my own factors. Ideas and Solutions Developer in the Blockchain field with proven direct experience. Product Manager and ICO strategist. Highly curious and early Blockchain believer. Founder of Blockchain J.E.D.I no profit org.


May 2018 - Present
Strategy and Operations - ICO and Blockchain startups
ICO Advisors
- Increase in the concept and wp writing
- Blockchain porjects and ICO marketing strategy planning
-360' consultation for blockchain plans and ICO actuation
- Contacts and relations with investors and cryptofund
Oct 2017 - Present- Sept 2017
SimplyCity Lab UNIPR
Deployment platform and payments in the e-payment landscape
- Rating rgistry cases
- Prototyping app (SAP Build)