Crypto Circle X

Stay tuned! We are almost relaunching!

We previously announced that we are making a strategic change in our ICO Strategy. After a lot of hard work, we are almost there! You spoke, we listened! Our WhitePaper is being greatly enhanced to make it investor friendly and easier to understand for everybody regardless of their crypto background. Our website was rebuild from […]

A strategic change in our ICO Strategy

A message from Crypto Circle X (CCX) to our dedicated community and investors. After our last board meeting, the decision was made that Crypto Circle eXchange (CCX) will make a strategic change in the direction of our ICO marketing strategy. Therefore, we will be extending the Pre-ICO project time for 30 days starting September 17th. […]

Crypto Circle X

See you in our Daily Telegram Trivia!

Are you ready to earn CCX Tokens? You are in the right place! We are launching our TRIVIA about the CCX project! The members of our Telegram groups can answer questions about CCX and earn up to 10 CCX Tokens, 1 time in a day. Once you have won 1 time in a day, you are not […]

airdrop is live

Airdrop Round 1 had ended!

The first round of our Airdrop was a success and it was completed within only a few days! Thank you everyone who participated in our event! Stay tuned for the second round of our Airdrop, that is just around the corner!

airdrop is live

ROUND 1 of our AIRDROP & Referral Program is now LIVE!

We are delighted to announce the first round of our Airdrop and Referral Program! Are you ready to earn 50 CCX? All you need to do is complete a few simple social tasks! And you can also earn extra 10 CCX Tokens ($0.9) for using your referral link and invite your friends! You can claim the […]