CCX Pre-Sale Starts TOMORROW!

Our endeavor to bring a stable and useful product to the market to enable normal people to invest without fears of market manipulation, pump and dumps, and also have a fair chance to make money has reached the next level!

In the past month, our project has gained a wider exposure, with an increased interest gained from our beloved community. Our Private Sale concluded successfully, with 16,833,332 CCX Tokens sold. A big THANK YOU to everybody who decided to support us through the bearish market conditions and become a part of our project since its early stages!

We see ourselves as being one of the pioneers in the world of cryptocurrency where customer service is concerned. With our Crypto Circle eXchange, our goal here is to provide our customers a unique platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. With a platform that will educate new investors, and also make seasoned professional as well as institutional investors comfortable to trade without issues. This is the unique and exciting proposition available to those who invest in Crypto Circle eXchange’s token sale.

Our Pre-Sale starts tomorrow and you can get an extra 7% CCX tokens with every purchase! Head on to our official website:

Also, don’t forget to read our WhitePaper, if you haven’t already:

If you happen to have any question, feel free to address us on our Telegram Group:

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