Crypto Circle eXchange is back with improved Website, WhitePaper and Airdrop Round 2!

The past month has been full of updates and improvements for Crypto Circle eXchange! During this time, we have greatly improved our official website and we made it more user friendly for our investors and supporters. Our WhitePaper has been fully rewritten after collaborating with our expert advisors who have a big expertise in the blockchain technology. The updated version of our WhitePaper has more details about selective topics and it is more investor friendly than its previous version. Aside from this, our MEME CONTEST is active and the big winner will be decided on November 1 and the big prize will be 1500 CCX tokens.

Our Airdrop & Referral Program Round 2 is oficially LIVE and you can win up to 1630 CCX tokens for completing simple social tasks and even 10 extra CCX tokens by inviting your friends! Claim airdrop: No sign up is required to take place in our Airdrop.

Aside from this, we now have a new video that goes even more into depth about Crypto Circle eXchange:

If you happen to have any questions regarding Crypto Circle eXchange, you can always contact us on our Telegram Group:


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